• Fixing Tears or Holes In Your Carpet


    Accidents happen, and the result can be tears, holes or large stains in carpet that is otherwise in good condition. These flaws can be fixed, and large stains can be cut out and patched. An experienced carpet installer can literally make the problems disappear. DIY homeowners with the right tools can make the repairs too. When you want the repair to be invisible, it’s best to hire a pro, but we’ll show you what needs to be done to make the repair. The good news is that if you try to do the repair and it doesn’t work, you probably have created a worse problem. If you are looking for information on repairing a hardwood floor, please refer to our article, “Repair and Refinish Hardwood Floors.”

    Carpet Repair Tips and Resources

    In this house repairs guide we include tips for repairing carpet when common accidents occur.
    The tips will guide you in doing the work or at least let you know what a professional should be doing. DIY carpet repair prices for the tools and materials you need are listed below, and we also look at what it will cost you to have a professional repair tears, holes and stains in carpeting. Tips for cutting costs follow, and the post concludes with a list of resources offering additional tips and information about these repairs.

    When done properly, carpet repairs can make problems disappear. Let’s get started.

    • For holes or stains, find a piece of carpet large enough to cover the problem
    • If you don’t have leftover carpet, consider getting it from the floor inside a closet or under a piece of furniture that isn’t going anywhere
    • Buy a carpet knife rather than a utility knife because it makes very straight cuts
    • If a stain is the problem, cut out a square or rectangle piece around it and remove the stained piece
    • Cut burn holes out of the carpet in a similar manner
    • Lay a piece of fresh carpet over the entire hole, making sure there are several extra inches on each side
    • Make sure the carpet nap on the patch is running the same way as the nap on the floor by brushing the nap with your hand and watching which way it responds
    • If the carpet has a pattern, you’ll have to match up the pattern very carefully or call a professional for the job
    • With the piece in place from which you’ll cut the patch, use your carpet knife and a fresh blade to cut down through BOTH layers of carpet all around the rectangle and one inch or more outside its boundaries
    • Remove the patch from the surrounding carpet and pull up the damaged piece from the floor
    • The patch will fit perfectly into the space on the floor
    • To attach the patch, your easiest option is to use one-sided carpet tape and tape the seams joining the carpet and the patch
    • This can be done by removing the backing of the tape, carefully sliding it under the hole a short section at a time with the sticky side up and leaving a width of the tape exposed
    • When the tape is in place, carefully lay in the patch and push down hard to get the tape to stick you may also choose to lay a small block of wood over the joins and hit it with a hammer just to make sure
    • Carpet tears are best repaired by joining the tear with one-sided carpet tape of very high quality
    • Small tears can be repaired by cutting a rectangle around the entire area and making a patch as explained above
    • When the patch is in place, brush the carpet and vacuum it, and the patch should be very difficult or impossible to see

    Carpet Repair Costs for Tears, Holes and Stains

    This is a fairly affordable repair, especially if you do it yourself.

    DIY carpet repair costs: Assuming the carpet is free, everything else is affordable:

    • Carpet knife: $9 to $25
    • Carpet tape: $7 to $18 per roll

    Professional carpet repair costs: Hiring a carpet installer for a minor repair will likely cost $90 to $175 depending on whether or not the installer charges a minimum service call fee. You’ll find the lowest price in your area by making several calls and get multiple estimates for the work.

    DIY Carpet Repair Resources

    Here are more informative sites that will help you with this common home repair.

    Beautiful Floors – These tips on repairing damaged Berber carpet come from a flooring company.

    How to Build a House – Here are a few tips for repairing burn holes in carpet.

    Little Patch of Heaven Homestead – Very small holes can be repaired with this method.

    Rustic Girls – More tips for these topics are here from the “rustic girls.”


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