• Emergency Roofing Repairs For A Shingle Roof


    Just a few missing shingles from your roof can lead to significant leaking and serious consequences such as a rotting roof deck, ruined insulation in the attic, wall and ceiling damage and everything else the water comes in contact with.
    In the aftermath, mold might take root wherever the water has been.

    When the following things happen, it is important to have the shingles replaced as soon as possible while covering the damaged section of roof until repairs are made by a roofing contractor. DIY repair is also possible for those who have experience with such projects.

    • A storm blows off shingles
    • Heavy hail cracks shingles
    • Falling limbs knocks them loose
    • An ice dam causes damage
    • An ice layer slides loose and pulls off shingles

    Roof Shingle Replacement Tips and Resources

    This house repair guide covers topics for a successful repair.
    You’ll find tips for doing the work yourself. Even if you call a pro for roofing shingles repair, the tips will give you an understanding of what needs to be done.
    Along with shingle replacement tips, we include the costs for doing the work yourself and for hiring a professional for the job. A short list of tools is given too, so you’ll know exactly what you need.
    We conclude this shingle repair guide with links to resources that give you additional information you can use.

    Time is of the essence when shingles are missing and a new storm is on the way toward your home. However, safety must trump everything else as you prepare for this project.
    If you are not comfortable being on a roof, there is ice on the roof or don’t have experience replacing shingles, call a contractor for the work.
    Doing the job safely and getting the repair correct are of the utmost importance. These tips for shingle repair will help whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.

    • It’s smart to inspect your roof from the ground after a strong storm, high winds, heavy hail, following ice dams or when something heavy falls onto the roof
    • Look for missing shingles as well as damage to chimneys, and take action promptly if there is damage
    • If the shingles can’t be replaced immediately, consider covering the affected area with a tarp that goes up and over the ridge of the roof to prevent water from running under the tarp and into the damaged areas
    • When going onto the roof, use a safe and secure ladder held steady by at least one other person
    • Choose sturdy footwear such as work boots in good condition when on a roof
    • Never walk on a hot shingle roof because asphalt shingles become soft and can tear or pull off easily
    • Replacing individual shingles is more difficult than adding them when shingling an entire roof because the portion of the replacement shingle you nail to the roof must first be inserted beneath the shingles above it and the fasteners installed at an angle
    • For every shingle you replace, you’ll have to remove nails from three or four additional shingles in order to remove the damaged one, and each nail must be replaced
    • If more than 25 percent of the shingles are damaged, it is probably more cost-effective to have the roof re-shingled, so consider getting estimates for both

    Roof Shingle Repair Costs

    Whether you do the work yourself or hire a roofer is the biggest factor in the cost of the project. Let’s look at it both ways.

    DIY Shingle Replacement: This is the cheapest way to go, but only if you can complete the work safely. Here’s a look at what your costs will be:

    • Bundle of Shingles (25-30 shingles): $20 to $60, depending on the style and durability
    • Roofing nails: $9 to $12 per 5lb box
    • Roofing hammer: $8 to $30 depending on quality
    • Extension ladder: $75 to $200 depending on size and quality
    • Tarps for short-term coverage: $25 to $40 for a 15’x20 tarp

    Professional Shingle repair/replacement: Replacing shingles is much costlier per shingle than a re-roofing job. That’s why, if a significant number of shingles need to be replaced, it makes sense to ask for an estimate on having the roof re-shingled. If a layer of shingles must be torn off first, the price will go up considerably. When hiring a roofing contractor, expect to pay a minimum service call of at least $100 and something in the range of $5 to $8 per shingle replaced.

    Ways to Save Money on Emergency Shingle Repair

    If you make the repairs yourself, you can cut costs by borrowing tools and equipment you don’t have, rather than buying the items. Aside from doing it yourself, there are a couple of ways to potentially reduce your costs.

    First, in the aftermath of a bad storm, roofers’ prices might be at a premium due to high demand. It would be nice to think roofers won’t price gouge, but when they’re working 18 hours a day to take care of emergency situations, perhaps they deserve some extra pay. If you can put off the repair for a few weeks or a month, prices should come down. Just be sure to have the damaged area of the roof covered, or your costs might go sky-high if following storms cause water damage.

    Secondly, if the cost of the repairs is significantly higher than your deductible, consider making a claim to your insurance company. Keep in mind that this might lead to higher premiums in the future. Finally, when determining roofing repair costs, always get at least three estimates from roofing contractors. You’ll find the lowest roof repair prices and have the chance to determine the experience level of each contractor.

    Roof damage is included in our guide, “Look, Smell & Listen For Problems Around Your Home“, where you will find other ways to find indications of issues within your home.

    Shingle Repair Resources and DIY Tips

    These pages will give you valuable information whether you repair shingles yourself or hire a roofing contractor for the work.

    Lehigh Valley Roofing – Clear instructions and a video are found on this page from a roofing company’s website.

    You Repair – Step-by-step instructions are offered on this house repair page.

    YouTube – This video offers a good demonstration of replacing a single roof shingle, though wind makes it a little difficult to hear the narration.


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