• Cleaning and Repairing Clogged Rain Gutters


    Clogged and leaking rain gutters are more than just a nuisance, dropping leaves and debris on driveways, sidewalks and leaving decks stained and in need of repairs.
    Clogged and overflowing gutters are a major threat to your home’s foundation. According to experts, leaking and overflowing gutters are a major source of foundation damage and flooded basements.
    Overflowing water can also get into walls, by running back across the eaves causing rotted wood, damage to wall linings and mold which can be a major health issue and very costly to repair

    Keeping your gutters clean and in good repair is an easy and affordable home repair project, and it will prevent damage to your home and potential health issues. The cleaning and repairs can be DIY projects for handy homeowners. If you hire a professional, consider a handyman. Some landscape companies and contractors that specialize in gutter and downspout installation might also do the work.

    Costs and Resources for Cleaning and Repairing Gutters

    That’s what you’ll find in this house repair guide: Tips for cleaning and repairing gutters from expert sources. We’ll also discuss the price for doing the work yourself including what tools and equipment you’ll need and what the costs will be. At the conclusion of this guide we include several helpful resources that for cleaning and repairing gutters and keeping them functioning as they should. If you see your gutters are in major disrepair, the decision to repair or replace them needs to be made sooner rather than later.

    These tips cover the issues you’ll run into on this project and how you can successfully address them.

    • Gutters should always be cleaned from the ladder or the ground, never from on the roof where the danger from falling is too
    • When using a ladder to clean gutters, having a second person to steady the ladder is a wise choice
    • The ladder should be tall enough so that you do not have to stand on the top rung, or it should lean against the gutter
    • Wearing a pair of gloves will protect your hands from sharp objects such as sticks that might be in the gutters
    • Pull leaves and debris from gutters, and drop it into a bucket, onto the ground where it can be raked up or onto a tarp you move as you go
    • A garden trowel is a handy tool for removing leaves from gutters
    • Once the debris has been removed, do a visual check of downspout entrances to make sure they are clear
    • If they are not clear, try to dislodge debris using your trowel or, for stubborn clogs, a plumber’s snake
    • The next step is to run a hose into the gutters to complete the cleaning work
    • As the hose is running, look for leaks in the gutter seams, and make note of any you see
    • Gaps in gutter seams can be filled with high-quality, waterproof silicone caulk one the gutters are dry
    • Loose sheet metal screws should be tightened or replaced
    • Small holes can be repaired by replacing the section of gutter or by patching the hole with sheet metal, screws and caulk around the entire patch
    • Sections of gutter or downspout that show significant corrosion or have been damaged should be replaced immediately
    • Extenders should be added to downspouts if needed so that water is dumped a minimum of six feet from the foundation of your home
    • Consider adding one of the gutter-guard products to your gutters that prevent leaves from clogging them

    Gutter Cleaning and Repair Costs

    If you enjoy DIY home repair tasks and are able to work on a ladder, then doing the job yourself is something you should consider. We also cover costs for hiring a professional for the work.

    DIY Gutter Cleaning and Repair Costs: If you decide to do the work yourself, here’s a list of the tools and equipment you’ll need and their costs. You might already have these items; if you don’t, most will come in handy for other DIY home repair and maintenance projects:

    • Sturdy folding or extension ladder: $50 to $125
    • Garden trowel: $3 to $10
    • Five-gallon bucket: $5 to $7
    • Garden hose: $12 to $25 depending on quality and length
    • Tube of silicone caulk: $4 to $10
    • Caulking gun: $10 to $50 depending on quality
    • Plumber’s snake (not likely needed): $12 to $30
    • Gutter guard: $.35 to $1.00 per linear foot

    Professional Gutter Cleaning and Repair Costs: Expect to pay about $.50 per linear foot of gutters. The cost will be higher if the home is a 2-story with gutters, since it will take longer to reposition the ladders and climb them. Additional security equipment might also be used. If a professional installs gutter guard, expect the price to be $1 to $1.50 per linear foot depending on the type of guard that is installed.

    Saving Money on Gutter Cleaning and Repair

    If you do the work yourself, you can save additional costs by borrowing the equipment you need. Ask a friend to help secure the ladder, and offer to assist him or her on an upcoming home repair. Keep an eye out for gutter guard to go on sale, and check prices online too.

    When hiring a pro to do the work, get several estimates to find the lowest cost. If you hire a handyman, offer to be the assistant on the job, and this might reduce your labor costs.

    Resources for Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

    Here are additional pages that offer tips for successfully completing this project.

    NE Gutter Kings – This site from a gutter cleaning service answers FAQs about the work such as the frequency of having the work done.

    PlanitDIY – Here is a video about gutter cleaning and tips for cleaning downspouts.

    Uncle Skeeters Roof & Gutters – The reasons for having your gutters cleaned are spelled out on this page.

    A Better Gutter Cleaning – These FAQs will help you know what questions to ask when hiring a gutter cleaning service.


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