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Learn how to deal with the most common house repairs and home improvements in and around your home. Detailed DIY guides on fixing everything from roof repair to foundation repair, and all those other house repairs in between!

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Detailed Repair Guides

Our home repair guides were written with the DIY homeowner in mind. Learn how to spot problems, diagnose, and fix the things that break around your house!

Estimates Repair Costs

Each repair guide contains an estimated costs section, that lets you review the cost of materials and approximate labor costs for the project!

Save When Hiring a Pro

Hiring a Contractor to handle repairs around your house can be a daunting task! Learn how to talk with Pro's about your project, and get a fair price on the job!

House Repair Blog

Interesting and informative guides that help you learn more about your home and what makes it tick. We invite you to interact on our blog, share ideas, and join the discussion!

The Latest Entries from our House Repair Guides Blog

  • 5 House Repairs You Should Never Attempt on your Own

    We discuss here those 5 house repair projects you should never attempt on your own. There are times when the job is just too risky to tackle yourself. Or, the problem might be that you lack the specific tools for the job, and they’re too pricey to purchase or rent.
    Job […]

    Posted on January 6, 2018. | Continue Reading...
  • Replacing Versus Repair – Why, When and Who

    This is a dilemma you as a homeowner will face again and again!
    Should that furnace that’s 12 years old be replaced, or does it make sense to pay the $500 repair bill? What about the roof that’s 15 years old and needs $2,000 in repairs?
    How much of your investment will […]

    Posted on October 28, 2017. | Continue Reading...

The guide on adjusting doors was so simple to follow we were able to fix three doors that have been a problem for a long time ourselves, thanks (David)
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